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In 1990, the world's first online shopping portal was launched. Once dubbed the cutting edge of consumer experience, the virtual mall fell into a state of decay as user numbers dwindled. The server suffered major data corruption and was ripped from the control of its administrators by vengeful spirits. Rumor has it the server is still online, now a haunted mega-center accessible only by a sole executable program called: LuxuryELITE.exe

Created for TOJam 2017 By:

Adriano Bertuzzo - Audio

Mark Cautillo - Programming

Nathan Langdon - Art

Jacques Waller - Programming

Basic Controls:

!!! IMPORTANT !!! When you open the game HOLD CTRL to open the game menu and change the graphics quality to Fantastic. Otherwise the game will play at highspeed and you will become overwhelmed. This is a known bug we're working on. THANKS :-D

MOVE AROUND: WASD / Arrow Keys / Retrolink SNES Dpad 

LAUNCH SWORD: Press Space while holding a direction

RETRIEVE SWORD: HOOOLLLLLLD Space to bring it back

ZOOM : Number Keys 1-0 

Official Leaderboard:

To get onto this super high-tech leaderboard you must submit visual proof of your score to the WorldWideWeb. Best way to do this is to put it up on Twitter or Instagram with #LuxuryELITeEXE 


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LuxuryEliteEXE.zip 31 MB


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wow that was super fun and looks great too. cool mechanic

this is pretty cool... reminds me of hammerfight but it's actually easier to control.

NOTE: WebGL performance is not as good as Windows, so it you're experiencing slowdowns, and you're on Windows, you can give the Windows build a try.

Basic Controls:

WASD or Arrow Keys <- Move your character

Space Bar <- Hold to extend your sword rope if it's retracted, or hold to pull the rope back.

Extra Controls:

LuxuryELITE.EXE is meant to be played at the default resolution, but if you like, you can change the zoom using the keys 1-0 on your keyboard.